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Aside: Just imagine being a headline editor (I assume that's a thing) before - you were basically paid to make puns. Ah, the lives we could have led.

Yeah, stuff is sometimes boring. Deathly boring, hardy har.

I mean, that's not much of a revelation. That's a surprise to anyone who's been in a coma, at least.

Let's take the (surprisingly silly) idea that you've somehow been unconscious for months, woken up in a hospital, then somehow managed to survive when all the fit, healthy people had pegged then unpegged immediately -- how would you deal with that? On one hand, yeah, you'd probably freak out a little. On the other hand, if it wasn't, say, anyone you knew personally [who'd pegged -Ed], you'd probably be okay, given a couple of hours.

Life goes on

Lots of worse things have happened during humanity's time - nations have been destroyed, genders have been oppressed - people have been abused just because they're slightly darker than everyone else. The contrast is made that much greater given that the entire world has gone crazy. Once you've (kinda) gotten over the idea that the meat is now snacking on us, you find that a lot that used to (not) make life worth living is gone.

There's no more banking, no more meme-ing (okay, a little, but it's hard), no more fake news to rage at, no more real news to ignore. There's just day-in, day-out, survived the this, killed the that, ran from all the things - it becomes so routine. Conversations suffer especially - we'd no idea how much we depended on T.V. just to get through casual social interactions with people. There's only so much you can say about the weather.

People try to share news - they claim Lord Trump is safe behind a wall, that he's going to ride out and save the world in a blaze of Golden Glory, but deep down you know that we're just reverting to a story-telling culture. Perhaps that's the original fake news, strong syllables over a crackling fire, but it turns out that it's harder than it looks.

Problem is, we've lost the art. We've let dedicated, talented, professional storytellers entertain us for so long that it seems we're no longer capable of it.

What's eating you?

I feel that unless humankind re-discovers how to amuse itself, on an extremely one-to-one basis, then it'll be us that kills us, not the dead guys. Just as a way to inhibit those classic urges - all our lives (our being the historic, humankind our here, not the relatively humdrum our that's prevailed for the last several thousand years) we've lived in a state of being hunted, being prey. It's only in the last several thousand years that we'd truly established ourselves as top of the food chain, and now we've gone and knocked ourselves off of it.

Cue narrator's dramatic voice

When there was no one left to fight, they had to fight themselves.

Great job guys, we managed to beat ourselves too.

I want to break free

The point is, we're not bred to stay locked in doors, scared of shadows-of-ourselves. With so much anger focussed at things that look so similar to ourselves, I battle to imagine that even the most serene of communities will survive unless they find something to be distracted by.

So, have at it I guess - make love, make peace, make food, make music, make out, make religion - make a cult if you must. Just try not to make war. There's going to be so much of that.

-J, now trying to save the world by removing the Ed to avoid destroying the brains.

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