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What yer

Is this what I'd been reduced to, water? Water in, water out. Water way to spend an evening, am I right?

Water. Gods I miss water. I think I'm obsessing over it - I've seen it too many times now. Water. Wah-ter. Way-ter. It's becoming unreal.

Pull yourself together

Semantic saturation - that's the term for when a word, through repetition, begins to lose all meaning. When it becomes just-letters instead of a concept. Water's there and it's flowed away - water is a dream, it's an ideal. It's everything that we've lost, everything serene and inviting that we think back on in with nostalgic soft-golden lenses.

Perhaps I'm going on here, but I'm stuck in a building with a printing press, a canteen that smells awful, and many, many cans of soda. The only water near me is stagnant, has been for ages, and the only source of hydration may as well be Brawndo. Perhaps that's what brought all these people back. Perhaps they're just angry about that.

Ever tasted pure neutral?

That sounds like a particularly modern advertising campaign, but I've been drinking sweet for so long that it almost seems neutral, almost seems normal - in my mind, water's developed a taste. It's refined, aged - it's a clean sensation, like the smell of a well-oiled antique. Not the taste of a well-oiled antique, that sounds (mixing metaphors?) terrible, but the feeling that a room of them would bring about. That strange solidity.

It feels like it's the missing oil to my body - like if I could just drink enough of it, I'd come round again, start making sense - start questioning, like "Why am I writing a newspaper while dying of thirst?"

My teeth are candy, loose rock candy, my skin is leather - at some point I'm going to lose focus, plummet over one of these cold hard walkways, land engulfed in the reams of paper as they spiral on and on and on and on- the final edition of this paper, no-one to deliver it, just my perfectly mummified body plastered all over the front page.

No news is good news?

Would anyone notice? I like to think they would. I like to think these delivery tubes are still wired up to something, that the whirring I hear isn't the paper being thrown out into the forgotten wastelands, that it's making its way out to other human beings, somehow making their neural patterns match mine for a moment. This internet jazz is great, but there's something intensely real about a printed newspaper. Makes me feel better, like...

Like that reassuring feeling that a large body of water brings about - I think I feel that more than almost anyone in human history has. The ocean... the ocean is terrifying actually.

I'm not certain why... the thought of the water, the power, the force, pounding the land - the constant yet eternal battle between the dry and the wet, the two sides of life...

I'm sorry, I'm rambling... I'm just so thirsty. Free advertising for anyone who gets some water to me, I swear... water-ever you want...


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