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Faith? Fate? Who knows.

Look, I know it's frightfully fashionable to play the lone-card at this point. Gee,

I know the world has ended, and all, but it's not, like, that different for me. I always felt more comfortable by myself, and at least we're more honest now

Blablabla. I'm sure it's true for some people. At the very least, the chances are that it's true for at least one person. But it's not true for me. I like people. I mean, not everyone. Not mobs. Obviously. But individual people are fascinating - the number of different ways that random chance and physics can be combined, and still produce a valid human being who experiences and strives, is mind-boggling. With this kind of evidence lying around, who could ever believe that we're alone in this universe?

Obviously, we're likely to be less popular going forwards, but still. Maybe this is just a small, old, backwater part of the universe, and everywhere else people are having a great time. It's thoughts like that that keep me going.

Anyways, that was full-disclosure. Everything read from here on should be read with that viewpoint in mind, I guess.

Reach out, touch

These DDs (that's an acronym I'm thinking of making popular. We still don't have a word for these creatures, and I'm pondering these Dead Dicks. They're stiff and no one wants them around. Too much?)...

Anyways, these DDs. They've made us fear human nature - we're scared of getting close, primarily apparently because of the fragility of human life bla-bla, but really primarily because if you get close you could get bitten. And getting bitten is a bad thing. It doesn't always lead to reanimation, but bites are serious and nasty. And scarring, in more ways than one.

But humans are social beasts. Without other humans to fight and argue with and love (in quick succession occasionally), we wither. And that's how this war is lost, that's how we lose. They may take our lives, and apparently keep them, but they can ne'er take our emotion.

Because that's what defines them, the DDs - a complete lack of emotion. They aren't eating you because of strongly held convictions, they're eating you because they're hungry (and presumably you're slow). If something else was closer, they'd eat that instead. Given that they can't be slowed down, can't be dissuaded, this seems to be our only advantage.

We're emotional, godsdamnsits, and this is our last party. We'll cry if we want to, we'll get teary and sweaty, and with any luck we'll be awful to eat. That'll show them.

But really

Reaching out to others is the last human thing we can do. We're all DDs, otherwise.

Peace yo'.


Feature: the most dangerous people in the world

Who's stopping the walking dead out there? These guys are.

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  4. Daleth with 11 re-deaths.
  5. AppleUser with 7 re-deaths.

Feature: the deadest people in the world

Who keeps becoming the walking dead, time after time? These guys do.

  1. LordMouse with 14 own deaths.
  2. NotTheDuck with 13 own deaths.
  3. Viat with 9 own deaths.
  4. BluStormFlux with 6 own deaths.
  5. bergen.larsen with 5 own deaths.