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Someone Else's Problem

No-one ever figured something like this could happen. We figured we're advanced, we're organized. And those figures are the problem. Sometimes the figures add up, to exactly the sum of their parts. And that's a problem when no-one's ever done the math before.

No one felt like they, personally, had to intervene. Not when the first screams echoed out, not when the sirens started (they've still not stopped), not when there were crowds at the end of the street. Not when you heard a scream. Not when the crowds cleared and no-one else was going out any more.

We always figured that someone else would be along soon enough to take care of it. The workings of society have always seemed like magic, like machines that we didn't need to tend for - they'd just keep churning forever. Watch a show, check later. The power would come back, obviously. It had to.

Well, funny story.

Everybody's problem

The forces that we depended on to deal with this have become the problem. Everyone turned a blind-happy eye as police in riot gear descended, lives on the line, facing the worst of organized humanity, ready to be shot at. Instead, they were advanced on by a group of sickly people, clearly unarmed. Clearly not dangerous. This is what we were trained for, panicking civilians. Don't hurt them. Even if they're acting crazy. You know what that got us?

A whole shamble of the living dead, all dressed in riot gear, pretty much impervious to damage except for the tiny graze that got them in trouble in the first place. At least the apocalypse is more formal than we'd imagined. It'd probably be worse if the place was looking scruffy.

I guess if we'd been more involved, things could have been different. Hell, if we'd all been noble biologists, or theologians, or any number of different things, perhaps we could have avoided this altogether.

Gotta be clean

But we didn't, and it's time to take responsibility at last. Don't get bit. If you do get bit, take off your helmet, at least. Be wise. Give it your all before you lose it all. You gave in, you owe us that. Make it easy for the rest of us, grab something someone else would find useful. TIe your shoelaces together. I don't know, be creative.

For everyone still alive, look. Firing guns attracts them. Blowing things up attracts them. Yelling attracts them. Be smart. Stop attracting them. We've been dumb for too long.

Kill them slow, kill them quiet, and we may be able to retake some streets.


Feature: the most dangerous people in the world

Who's stopping the walking dead out there? These guys are.

  1. NotTheDuck with 339 re-deaths.
  2. BluStormFlux with 267 re-deaths.
  3. LordMouse with 172 re-deaths.
  4. Daleth with 11 re-deaths.
  5. AppleUser with 7 re-deaths.

Feature: the deadest people in the world

Who keeps becoming the walking dead, time after time? These guys do.

  1. LordMouse with 14 own deaths.
  2. NotTheDuck with 13 own deaths.
  3. Viat with 9 own deaths.
  4. BluStormFlux with 6 own deaths.
  5. bergen.larsen with 5 own deaths.